For over 20 years we have passionately grown and trained espaliered trees used across the country by premier landscape architects and designers, botanical gardens, and private residences. Contact us to see how we can transform your landscape from ordinary to extraordinary.

Peter Thevenot is one of a handful of growers in the country who specialize in espalier, the ancient and all but forgotten art of training fruit and ornamental trees to grow flat against a wall or fence, sometimes forming extravagant architectural shapes…Mr. Thevenot is making it his life’s mission, he said, to bring espalier back to the public eye.
— The New York Times

[Peter] Thevenot has one of the largest espalier collections in the U.S. He’s likely the best in the country, if not the world, at training the trees in an espalier style. It was an art lost in the mid-1800s and [Thevenot is] doing it with the finest plants.
— Chicago Tribune, quoting John Cullen of Celtic Garden Imports in Ann Arbor, Michigan