Landscape Ideas Using Espaliered Trees

2-tier Candelabra Espalier

Updating your landscape can add value to your home and extend the living space outdoors. Whether you're working with a blank slate, completely remodeling your landscape, or simply looking for the perfect accent piece to create a focal point, espaliered trees can transform a landscape and add a touch of elegance. 

Espaliered trees are sculptured trees grown in the 16th century European tradition. Many shapes and sizes are available from River Road Farms, and our professional growers can work with you or your team to find the right tree or set of trees for your project. 

Belgian Fence Espalier

River Road Farms grows espaliered trees in many different designs. Some, like the Horizontal Cordon and Candelabra, grow flat against a wall or along a guided structure. These can be used as ornamental accents against a home, fence, or as a free-standing structure to create separation. 

Another very unique use of espaliered trees is using multiple trees to create a fence or allée. These trees are lined up together which creates a dynamic and inspiring living wall or walkway. 

3-tier Horizontal Cordon Espalier

Sculptured trees are available in a wide variety of species, including fruiting trees like apples and pears. Their foliage can change with the seasons, creating vibrant hues in the autumn and beautiful blooms in the spring. 

A Belgian Fence Allée at River Road Farms

River Road Farms was founded by Peter Thevenot, one of the leading experts of espalier in North America. Our trees are included in some of the country's most prestigious landscapes and botanical gardens, including George Washington's Mount Vernon, Biltmore Estate, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, and many others. 

Our nursery has trees ready for you today! Please contact us with any questions about your project and to reserve your trees. Please call 800-297-1435 or fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!


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