How to Use a Belgian Fence Espalier in Your Landscape Design

Of all the espaliers that we train, the Belgian Fence is the most striking.


The Belgian Fence is created by a series of uniquely shaped espaliers which are planted two feet apart so that their branches cross creating a diamond-like pattern. These espaliers make impressive backdrops and space separators which have a high "wow" factor.

We have many of these trees ready for planing, so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Belgian Fence Design Ideas

We love the Belgian Fence. They are very versatile espalier designs because they can be free standing or set against a wall...let your imagination be your guide. They are incredibly functional.
Consider using a Belgian Fence to create outdoor rooms. Their design will impress year-round and provide a wall-like privacy when in bloom. During the holidays, they are prime candidates for Christmas lights (view our gallery to see an example).

Bring the outside inside.

Consider how the interior of a space is framed with the exterior. A Belgian Fence can make a big impact on an interior space and make it feel like the living space is extended to the outside.


Add a Belgian Fence in front of an evergreen screen.

The repetitive structure of a Belgian Fence is perfect for lining a driveway, walkway, or adding an impressive design element against a long wall. 


The Belgian Fence Allée

July 26a 2012 016.jpg

Imagine walking thru an allée in the garden with the diamond pattern on both sides of you, ablaze with beautiful white flowers in the Spring, golden or red fruit hanging from the branches in the Summer and brightly colored leaves in the fall. Winter interest is equally impressive with their neatly defined pattern in bark and fruit spurs, guiding your eyes as you take a winter walk. 

We deliver the finest specimen espaliered trees available to most parts of the United States. 

Please call or email If you have any questions about a Belgian Fence for your project and we'll help find the right solution for you!