Southern Living - Admire These Fantastic Planters from Reclaimed Wood

Source: Southern Living
October 7, 2010
By Steve Bender 

Grumpy just returned from giving a talk at the World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky. These are the Olympics of the horse world. Royalty from all over the world jet in with their steeds to compete for glory and to meet me. Fifty thousand commoners a day also show up. This is the first time WEG has been held in the U.S. (thanks to those snobby European horse people) and it concludes October 10.

I was invited to speak by famed Kentucky garden designer Jon Carloftis, who not only designs private gardens in Kentucky, but also does rooftop gardens for people in Manhattan who have more money than Bernie Madoff stole. Jon and his partner, Dale Fisher, worked liked dogs for weeks setting up this incredible potting shed and vegetable garden exhibit for the WEG. Here are some pix.

Jon said he got the idea for these great planting boxes from working with elderly people who just can’t kneel and bend to work a traditional ground level garden. These boxes are big enough to grow a whole variety of things (including beautiful fruit tree espaliers from the master, Peter Thevenot of River Road Farms). Not only that, but the boxes and potting shed are made from reclaimed wood salvaged from old barns and other structures destined to be torn down.

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