Espalier Fruit Trees - Create a Home Orchard with a Small Footprint

What if you could pull fresh, delicious fruit from an ornamental tree in your small garden without taking a big footprint in your landscape design?

Some of our favorite trees are the fruit trees, which we have trained into a variety of shapes that produce home-grown fruit each season. Since espaliered trees grow against a wall, they make efficient use of space while adding beauty and delicious fresh fruit at your fingertips.


Fruit Tree Types and Designs

The art of training fruit trees into ornamental designs started in 16th century Europe, and our trees remain true to the original techniques. Many kinds of fruit trees may be trained to be horizontal cordons, fans, candelabras, Belgian fences, and arbors. 

Small footprint, big impact. Espaliered trees require minimal space, which makes them perfect to dress up a small space, rooftop garden, or wall.  

Fruit to boot. A home orchard produces fresh, sustainable fruit, year after year.  Plus,  there  is  no  doubt  where it came from...your own garden.

3-tier horizontal cordon apple tree

How do you like them apples?

In addition to a unique design and delicious fruit, one of the great benefits of adding a fruiting tree to your landscape design is its annual growth cycle. These trees really bond with owners as they blossom, develop fruit, and become dormant for winter.

We deliver the finest specimen espaliered trees available to most parts of the United States.

Please call or email If you have any questions about an espaliered fruit tree for your project and we'll help find the right solution for you!